Workshops at the Sokołów Flavour Academy. The quality and flavour of the polish beef

At the Flavour Academy, we have initiated a series of workshops aimed at promoting the latest culinary trends and a healthy, balanced diet.

At the Flavour Academy, we have initiated a series of workshops aimed at promoting the latest culinary trends and a healthy, balanced diet. The first session was dedicated to the Polish beef, its high quality and culinary benefits. The participants took a keen interest in the demonstration of how a beef quarter is portioned, paired with interesting facts about this meat, which is so underestimated in Poland.

Food bloggers, as well as the editors of the culture and food magazine “Kukbuk”, who attended the workshop, met in the unique atmosphere of the Manor House in Wola Suchożebrska. In the first part of the workshop, Sokołów master chef, Dominik Moskalenko, demonstrated the cutting of the beef quarter along with some practical information on portioning. The participants had the opportunity to find out which pieces of beef come from which part, e.g. ribeye beef steak, roast beef, tenderloin or fillet mignon. Dominik Moskalenko also explained the difference between wet beef aging and dry beef aging, and presented various methods of meet portioning, depending on the country.

Another item on the agenda was cooking together. Under the watchful eye of Dominik Moskalenko, “Kukbuk” editors and bloggers made Sokołow flank steak Caesar salad, fried Sokołów ribeye beef steak served with roasted potatoes and salad, and apple pancake from a frying pan for afters. Afterwards, the time came for a meal which the guests ate in a spectacular dining room and orangery. The meal was also an opportunity to talk about healthy eating habits with Agnieszka Piskała, Sokołów's dietician and nutrition expert.

Through the workshops, Sokołów S.A. intends to raise awareness as regards the nutritional and health benefits of beef, as well as to increase the popularity of beef. Statistically, beef consumption is very low in Poland: ca 2 kg per capita versus the EU average of ca 15 kg per capita. Significant factors causing low beef consumption in Poland are: the conviction that beef is difficult to cook and uncertainty of the consumers as to the quality and origin of the meat offered for sale. Sokołów Uczta Qulinarna beef guarantees the top quality of proven meat originating from Polish farms. The dishes prepared during the workshops provide evidence that beef is simple to cook, tastes good and at the same time looks good.




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