Livestock breeding quality and safety

Our quality begins with the raw materials

The top quality in the meat industry can only be achieved by combining state-of-the-art technology and safety. Highly qualified professionals take care of the quality of our raw materials and livestock breeding safety. They will be more than happy to help us build the future of healthy food.

We know our suppliers

The quality of the raw materials delivered to our facilities is of particular importance to us. Along with the best livestock breeders in Poland, we are implementing the programme “Together into the Future”. Owing to our close cooperation with the farmers and strict control measures at every stage, we are certain that the meat processed at our facilities is safe and of the highest quality. We are one of the first meat processing companies on the Polish market to introduce a system of direct cooperation with livestock breeders.

Our breakthrough cattle breeding programme has been in operation since 2000. Unique on an international scale, the cattle fattening programme was launched in March 2007. We are currently cooperating with almost 2 000 breeders.

Together, we take care to ensure quality and safety

The farmers who cooperate with us under the programme “Together into the Future” are entitled to preferential financing options and have access to breeding material of the highest quality. Our partners can rely on continuous knowledge transfer from our experts. They are also offered feed and raw materials from leading manufacturers.

Out of concern for the top quality of the meat used for production in our plants, we have our own purchasing network, and our representatives are in touch with the breeders all the time. Among other things, they are responsible for making sure that the animals delivered by the farmers to the purchasing centre are at the right age, which is decisive for the quality of the meat.

“Together into the future” in trade media

The origin of the food, care about its quality and the monitoring process of each production stage attract more and more interest from the media including the trade media. Sokołów's programme “Together into the Future” is showcased as a positive example of such activities. Feel free to have a read.

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