Food choices for diabetics

A properly adjusted diet is of utmost importance in the prevention and treatment of both types of diabetes. This diet is also adequate for people above 40, suffering from obesity and preferring an inactive lifestyle, because its rules are no different from a healthy, properly balanced diet. A healthy diet, combined with a lifestyle change to a more active one, is an opportunity to live a better life.


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Meat shashliks served with colourful seasonal salad

Tenderloin with pearl barley and young beets

Beef stroganoff

Physical activity and diabetes

Checking your glycated hemoglobin (ghb) levels

The factors affecting the glycemic index (GI)

Marinaded and grilled beef served with button mushrooms

Bavette salad

Beef from the wok

Grilled steak and asparagus

A smoked ham sandwich

A roast ham sandwich

Essentials of a diabetic diet

Why are meat and cold cuts important in a diabetic diet?

Sokołów products – with diabetics in mind

Cooking workshops for diabetics

A roast cuvette sandwich

Beef silverside tartare

Grilled ribeye beef steak and young spinach salad

Roasted ham with soy pasta and fried mushrooms

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