Experts of the flavour academy

The Flavour Academy cooperates with professional cooks and dieticians who share their recipes and tips with you in order to inspire you to change to a balanced diet. Proper nutrition has a positive impact on our health and is essential for seniors and diabetics.


The team of the Flavour Academy is made up of experienced cooks and dieticians whose mission is to promote knowledge of good tasting and healthy cuisine. The recipes and tips created by our experts will help you keep slim, reduce the risk of several civilizational diseases and make you feel better. In particular, we would like to encourage seniors and people suffering from diabetes to use our recipes. We have prepared a series of tips on a diabetic diet for them.

Dominik Moskalenko

He was only 17 when he started learning the art of cooking from reputed chefs: Paweł Oszczyk and Bernard Lussiana. Next, he spent over five years in London, working in high-end restaurants owned by Le Caprice Holdings: Le Caprice and Scotts Of Mayfair. After he returned to Warsaw, he became head chef at the restaurant Pomodoro in Konstancin Jeziorna. He was trained by Wojciech Modest Amaro at the restaurant Amber Room at the Polish Business Roundtable. He scooped a prestigious accolade in the contest Food&Wine Noble Night, in the categories 'hors d'oeuvre' and 'main course'. He co-founded two restaurants: Taste Wilanów and Taste Burger. He creates i.a. diet proposals for diabetics.

Łukasz Konik

The executive chef at all facilities of the Konstancin-Zdrój Spa Complex (Uzdrowisko Konstancin-Zdrój S.A.) where he changes the face of the Polish spa cuisine in an efficient and creative manner. He gained his professional experience in the best restaurants and hotels in Poland and abroad. He was the youngest chef to join the elite Foundation Chefs Club (Fundacja Klubu Szefów Kuchni). He cooperates with the Institute of Chemistry and Physics at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). He is famous for his penchant for molecular, Polish and French cuisine.

Agnieszka Piskała

Dietician, nutrition specialist. A graduate of the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) as well as post-graduate studies in education. She is one of the few diet coaches certified in Poland by Wojciech Eichelberger's Institute of Psycho-Immunology. Agnieszka Piskała wrote several papers on nutrition, published in women's and parenting magazines. She co-authored (jointly with Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska) the book Mama i tata to my (Mum and dad are us), where she debunks several nutrition myths. She attended, as a speaker, various conferences countrywide, dedicated to human nutrition and health. She supports us i.a. in the development of diet rules for diabetics and seniors.

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