Tradition and modernity at the Flavour Academy

The Flavour Academy was established by Sokołów S.A., not only the biggest, but also the most modern meat product manufacturer in Poland.

Healthy eating habits – traditional flavours

The Flavour Academy was initiated by Sokołów S.A. For Sokołów S.A., the position of a meat market leader in Poland stands for an obligation to provide consumers with top quality products. It is a leader's mission to create new trends as well as to promote the improvement of the general quality of life, which comprises healthy eating habits.

The Academy aims to create inspiring ideas which add a new flavour to life. The venue chosen for the Academy is by no means accidental. Built in the first half of the 19th century, the classical Manor House in Wola Suchożebrska is located in a picturesque river valley, on a small hill. Surrounded by a beautiful park, it brings back memories of pastoral life at a lazy pace – life when there was always enough time to celebrate exquisite flavours.

The Flavour Academy draws from these traditional lifestyles while adding a new, contemporary dimension to them. The Academy cooperates with outstanding master chefs (Dominik Moskalenko, Łukasz Konik) and experts (dietician Agnieszka Piskała) who share their invaluable knowledge and expertise with us.

Our ideas will enable everyone, regardless of where they are, to fulfil the idea of a beautiful life. We want to demonstrate that attaching weight to minor, ordinary activities may add an exquisite flavour to our everyday routine. We also want to convince you that this change for the better is a matter of choice and decision. Our inspirations will certainly help you accomplish these plans.

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