Full-day balanced diet plan – day 1

Suggested diet plan for a whole day


Scrambled eggs with chives and naturrino roasted ham on whole grain toast


Sokołów warsztaty dla dzieci

2 eggs
10 g chives
2 slices of whole grain toast
2 slices of naturrino roasted ham
10 g butter
salt, freshly ground pepper


Heat butter on the frying pan and fry finely cut ham. Add the eggs, season with some salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir all the time. Add the chopped chives. Bake the toast in the oven or fry on the frying pan until golden. Arrange all the ingredients on the plate and your breakfast is ready.


Mid-morning snack

150 ml natural yoghurt + two tablespoons cereal



Dumplings or naturrino pâté ravioli with stewed button mushrooms and onions in herb dressing, served on baby spinach leaves, with a raw-smoked bacon chip


Sokołów warsztaty dla dzieci

250 g naturrino pâté
100 g button mushrooms
100 g onions
250 g spinach
250 g flour
1 egg
100 ml water
50 g butter
100 ml meat or vegetable stock
25 g parsley leaves
salt, freshly ground pepper


Dice the onions and button mushrooms finely. Fry with butter, salt and freshly ground pepper. When tender and golden, take off the heat, add finely torn pâté and a small amount of stock. Mix all ingredients thoroughly to make the stuffing for the ravioli or dumplings.

Make the dough for the dumplings. Put flour into a bowl, add an egg, some oil, salt and warm water. Knead all ingredients thoroughly to make smooth dough. Put the dough into the fridge for a while to rest.

Place some stuffing on the rolled dough and form dumplings or ravioli. Cook briefly in boiling salted water.

Make the butter and herb dressing. Melt fresh butter on the frying pan, add a small amount of stock, salt, freshly ground pepper and finely chopped parsley leaves. Place baby spinach leaves on a hot frying pan with a bit of butter, season with salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. After about one minute spinach is ready – remove the excess water.

Arrange all the ingredients nicely on the plate and your lunch is there for you.


Afternoon snack

An apple and a handful of almonds



Young lettuce leaves with cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber, red onion and naturrino roasted pork knuckle, served with wholegrain mustard and honey sauce


Sokołów warsztaty dla dzieci

1 naturrino roasted pork knuckle
50 g mixed young lettuce leaves
50 g cherry tomatoes
50 g fresh cucumber
10 g red onion
20 g wholegrain mustard
5 g honey
20 g olive oil
salt, freshly ground pepper


Cut the vegetables and place them in a bowl, next add rinsed lettuce leaves. Make the dressing with mustard, honey and olive oil; mix all ingredients to make smooth sauce, season with salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Add the dressing to the vegetables and stir gently. Slice the pork knuckle very thinly and arrange in between the leaves and vegetables.






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