The Flavour Academy

Located in the Manor House in Wola Suchożebrska, the Flavour Academy was established by Sokołów. The Academy aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through the art of cooking in accordance with the latest trends.


Discovering new culinary compositions

Dry-aged beef burger with added reduced malt beer

Beef tenderloin marinaded in beer served with crispy salads

Oriental roast beef shashlik with cucumber and marinaded white radish salad

#Akcjalato - Perfect body sculpt

Summer in a good shape

Good morning! How about a morning full of positive energy?

Nutrition trends and a new vegetable line “Z gruntu dobre” (Getting to the root)

It’s time for summer’s pleasures!

Dumplings stuffed with Sokołów vegetable pâté “Z gruntu dobre” (Getting to the root)

Buber dessert

Beetroot soup with coconut milk

Let’s get a move on there!

Discover the culinary benefits of Polish beef A get-together in the Production Facility in Koło

Uczta Qulinarna

Balls of positive energy

Fried deer tenderloin, baked saddle of deer, kaszotto from barley flakes, baked root vegetables

Caesar salad with butter fillet

Surprise egg

Motivation workshop at the Sokołów Flavour Academy. A recipe to achieve your goals effectively

Chestnuts in maraschino on semolina pudding with zefirki

Black pudding with cinnamon on rowanberries and grated potatoes.

Szablok (beans) with sauerkraut and Konigsberg meatballs.

Beef with smoked pork fat, Brussels sprouts and fjut (beet syrup)

Christmas Old Polish style at the Sokołów Academy of Taste

Full-day balanced diet plan – day 1

Full-day balanced diet plan – day 2

Healthy, traditional cold cuts and preparing a well-balanced, everyday diet plan at the Sokołów Flavour Academy

The Sokołów Flavour Academy for kids and their parents alike. An extraordinary farewell to summFr

Creamy bell pepper, plum and beef soup

Beef tenderlon with vegetables and cashew nuts

Salad with meat chips, avocado and pomegranate

Sun-dried tomato spread

White bean and nut spread

Cooking with Literature. The Sokołów Flavour Academy at the 2nd Festival “The Capital of the Polish Language” in Szczebrzeszyn

The Bodaczów shredded potato dish tarciuch served with smoked bacon and summer sauce

Cooking with Literature. The Sokołów Flavour Academy invites you to take part in the cooking in Szczebrzeszyn.

Hunter's sausage potato salad

Picnic jar salad

Puff pastry wraps filled with pepperoni-like kabanos sausage and served with seasonal salad

A place with a character

A stylish garden party

Ribeye steak

BBQ rib strips

Thai salad with flank steak

Grilled vegetables and red onion salsa

Cottage cheese with chocolate, blackberry dressing and raspberries

Creamy asparagus soup

Asparagus wrapped in raw-smoked bacon strips, with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce

With diabetics in mind. Workshop at the sokołów flavour academy

Fried ribeye steak with roasted potatoes and spring salad

Flank steak caesar salad

Workshops at the Sokołów Flavour Academy. The quality and flavour of the polish beef

Photos bursting with flavour

Tradition and modernity at the Flavour Academy

Abundance of flavours and pleasure of good food

Experts of the flavour academy

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